"My first trip to Canada, flying on a float plane, catching pike (38"), walleye,...fantastic fishing! Fun group to be with. Our guide, Quinn, was impressive with knowledge of hot fishing holes. He has a peaceful soul and a considerate person. Great time. "


"Long trip from Maui but,....fourth time here and I hope not the last."


"Quality experience, excellent fishing. Several large pike and walleye. Kevin showed us the ropes and we will be back. Cheryl and Kevin were excellent hosts. Everything was first class with a wilderness setting. Great diversity of fishing experience and solitude."


"Yet another wonderful trip visiting Kevin and Cheryl! We had tons of fun fishing and napping in all kinds of weather and caught lots of great fish! Our first timer, Jessica, caught a 40" Northern Pike and Milo a 38" Pike, along with many other notable fish. The Walley fishing in Todd was great as always! Abby did a great job filleting all our fish. She's a quick learner! She and Jessica also had a blast going out in the kayak; Jazz did an awesome job keeping an eye on them (even swimming across the bay with them!) and protecting us all from bears. Never met a more protective and endearing dog! Many thanks to Kevin and Cheryl for being such wonderful hosts. We all look forward to coming back again soon! Thanks again for a great week!"


"I caught a 44" Pike and the smallest Lake Trout Quinn as ever seen!"


"We had the best time fishing for Pike, Trout and Walleye. The shore lunch, Kevin's birthday dinner and cake, lake pedi's, playing catch with Jazz and hanging out with Cheryl and Kevin! The week went by entirely too fast! Until next time,..... "


"Best place in the world to catch fish and have a great time!"


"What a great place to spend time with friends and family. Lots of fish and super owners. They treat you like family!"


"We have been to northern Saskatchewan many times but this has been our best trip by far. The fishing has been great and the acomodations superb. The best part has been the hospitality shown by Kevin and Cheryl. It truly has been a joy to associate with them and Quinn. We have memories that will last a lifetime. Thank you for a wonderful week."


"First time here was in 1991. Now is my 4th trip. Love this place! Was able to bring my son this trip which makes three generations here. Caught as many fish as we wanted, primarily from the fly: big Pike and many Walleye. The top water on the Pike is spectacular. This plaec is as good as the first time I as here. The camp has improved only with what is necessary. Thank you, Kevin and Cheryl for keeping the solitude! Kevin, you're a class act, a real gentleman!"


"Weather was perfect. Sunburn every day! Very nice to spend a week just hanging with family. Ava's (3) first fish on her broken "Frozen" rod was a 36" Pike! She kept her cool but cried when Daddy had to let it go. Got great pictures of a cow moose feeding in the water and Ava can now speak "moose"! The girls got pedicures on the deck while the boys were out trying to provide for the family. The gals taught us a lesson in playing cards when we got back. We hate to leave but we'll be back. So glad that our familly loves it here. Hope our girls still want to come back when they're teenagers! I know they had fun with Grandpa and Grandma! "


"God has blessed us with wonderful friends in Kevin and Cheryl. Their invitation to and hospitality at Wheeler Rier Lodge is like a warm hug. We fished, hiked, ate, played crib, watched Jazz dive and laughed and laughed!! "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine", the Bible says. We are flying out tomorrow followed by Kevin and Cheryl in their hovercraft. How do we say thank-you for sharing this little (vast) piece of heaven with us? It has brought us so much joy! PS Lorna caught a 41" and 42" Pike."


"Simply the best! The best fishing, company, food and laughter."


"Your guiding and hosting skills are amazing, Cheryl & Kevin. Terrific holiday!"


"What a wonderland of beauty, laughter, friendship and let's not forget fishing!! Kevin and Cheryl, thank you! You are truly wonderful hosts. Highlights: 42" Pike, 38" Pike, shore lunches, rainy afternoon at cabin, meals, conversation, and laughs!! This has been a piece of our country everyone should see at one point in their life!"


"WOW! What a great experience, thanks to the hospitality of Kevin and Cheryl! Awesome setting and diverse options every day. Where else can you catch four species in one day: Walleye, Pike, Lake Trout and Arctic Grayling."


"Thanks so much for sharing your fantastic camp and beautiful waters with us. The variety of fishing spots and the size of the fish are something to behold. I appreciate that you are preserving this little slice of heaven with the CR3 status. See you again!"


"Thanks for hosting us at your beautiful camp/home. Best fishing ever."


"Thank you, Kevin and Cheryl. In my 12 years of fishing northern Saskatchewan, this was the best ever. So much water and options for fishing with rapids, walk-ins, Lake Trout,...."


"Thank you for a terrific time. Kevin's expert guiding and Cheryl's un-matched hospitality make this trip one for the ages. Thanks for a great week!"


"My team wants to thank you for such a great time. We so enjoy you folks and your terrific piece of paradise!"


"Wonderful camp. Great experience! Fishing was just amazing! Thanks a bunch!"


"Thank you so much for the amazing trip. You guys make our stay so much more enjoyable!"


"Kevin and Cheryl, you outdid yourselves again! Kenny's birthday cake for his 60th! We'll say it again, 'You two are the best!!' "


"Good company, good food, good drink! Oh ya - fishing was great as always!"


"Great fishing and great hosts as always. Wheeler River really makes you feel like a kid again. My home away from home!"


"Great memories were had this year. Thank you Kevin and Cheryl for another great year. See you next time!"


"Once again, Kevin, Cheryl and Quinn - we had a blast! Bears, moose, fish - we saw it all! Thanks again for making us feel at home. See you soon."


"Awesome place to get away and had a great time fishing. Both Kevin and Cheryl seem like your aunt and uncle when you're here!"


"A couple of years ago, "Tucker Bay" was christened.  This year, it's "Every Cast Bay"!!  Bill caught 12 in a row!  61 total, over 100 on the day!!  Full moon and Friday the 13th!  A first!  Everyone caught over 100 fish except for the "chucker"!  Everyone caught a 40" or bigger Pike!  Forty inch talley:  CJ - 45", 44", 43" 42", 40.5"!  Bill - 43.5", 42.5", 42", 41", 40"!  Mike - 44", 43"!  Andy - 44", 42", 40.5", 40"!  Mike caught Pike, Walleye, Perch, Lake Trout and Whitefish!!  Kevin and Cheryl, thank you from all of us!"


"Great father/son getaway! Had an unbelievable night in Scott Lake - two 40" Pike on at once! What an experience!! Landed both fish and got great pics! Caught three Pike over 40" in two hours and many more in mid to high 30" mark. Bay of Pics was excellent,....caught 43.5", 41", 40", 40", 39", 39", 38", 38", 37", 37" and many 36-32" Pike!!! Surprised 45.5" Pike on first night fishing for Walleye! Walleye lake was unbelievable. We both caught 60-80 Walleye each day we fished it! 26.25" was our best Walleye of the trip. Average size we caught was 23-24" Walleye in that lake - what great fishing! Thank you so much, Kevin and Cheryl, for our great experience! Hope to bring back the kids in the near future! Saw some great bears on this trip - added bonus! "


"Another great avdenture at the Wheeler! Many Pike over 40". Largest Lakers we ever caught. Walleye average over 23" - many 24-27.5". Lots of wildlife: moose, bear, otter, beaver, marten, eagles. Thanks, Kevin and Cheryl for another great trip! "


"This is my 6th year fishing the Wheeler River system but my first here at Wheeler River Lodge. The lodge, camp, hosts and Quinn are top notch. You can tell Kevin, Cheryl and Quinn enjoy what they are doing and take pride in maintaining a great camp and experience. The fishing was slower than what I am used to here on the Wheeler system. I would say I averaged around 2 dozen fish per day without trying too hard. Could have caught more if I just wanted to sit over the Walleye holes. Big pike were almost impossible to find. Only found one at 40" on the last day at Scott Lake. Walleyes were good with larges being 26.5". Lake Trout were good with largest being 30". Grayling were illusive with none being caught. Wildlife and scenery were great as usual. Would enjoy coming back to try for the big Pike again. Next time I'll try to remember my fly rod. Quinn is a great guide and Kevin and Cheryl are the finest."


"Great time was had by all! Lots of Walleye and big Pike were the order of the day. Kevin, Cheryl and Quinn - great host, hostess and guide! I really don't know what more one could want from a wilderness fishing experience. Terrific people and a supurb camp!"


"A trip to remember! Fun for all! Thanks for everything,...until next time!"


"Thanks, Kevin and Cheryl for a great week of fishing and hospitality. It was a real pleasure to come to such a facility that was clean and all the equipment works nice as well! Thanks for everything. PS Cheryl: Baker "extrordinaire"!"


"Had a great time. Lots of fish: Walleye, Pike and our first Lake Trout! Real thrill to catch the Lake Trout! Anne caught huge 43.5" Pike. Experienced an adventure in a small boat that sparked a new name!!?? Great week spent with great friends! Kevin and Cheryl are super! Perfect! PS Walleye fishing was FANTABULOUS!! "


"We had another great week at Wheeler River. Lots of good fishing. Lots of laughs, great food and good fellowship. Thank you, Kevin and Cheryl for your hospitality and friendship."


"Kevin and Cheryl welcomed us, guided us and entertained us ! What wonderful friends to share this beautiful place with us. Leaving tomorrow taking many wonderful memories. Thank you."


"Great week! Cheryl and Kevin were their usual wonderful, loving selves! I had a great time and did I mention the fish? Unbelievable! I caught a 38" Pike, a 39" Pike (and a nice Lake Trout!)"


"What an experience! We didn't know what to expect, but the lodge, equipment and fishing met and exceeded anything we could have imagined. The "fishing experience" was great, but the fun we had with everyone may have even been better! What a great group of people! Thanks to everyone for making us feel so welcome and instantly at home. Kevin and Cheryl are hosts beyond compare - a special thanks to you both."


"Great trip! Lots of walleye and big pike! Best place to spend Father's day with your Dad. Love it up here. Kevin, Cheryl and Quinn do a great job to keep this place nice."


"Fishing was great. Caught some nice Pike and lots of Walleye. Girls caught Lake Trout. Another great fishing trip. Many thanks Kevin & Cheryl for your hospitality and friendship."


"The hospitality was FANTASTIC! There is no better way to spend time with friends and get to know each other better. Some great memories were created this week. I have fallen in love with the north. The scenery and solitude is breathtaking."


"Darndest thing – from very few big fish to wait a day, back to the same lake, to “Knocking the crap out of ‘em”. The Pike, that is! Tucker Bay christened 41” Pike but,…..the very next day, his Granddad caught a 42.5”, 39” and 35”. And then the next day, his Uncle caught a 39”, The Doc caught a 37”. Then,….when one thought it couldn’t get any better, up pops the Barrel Hole with The Doc catching 46” Pike. On to the Bull Pen and Bay of Pigs with some 40’s, 41’s and 43’s. Perfect!"


"I love being outside in the woods but Kevin and Cheryl really make mealtime fun. They are both wonderful people. Even though I didn’t shoot a bear, this trip will always be a very special one. Such a fun trip to the Wheeler."


"It was the trip of our lifetime. Awesome fishing, great fellowship, lots of laughter, beautiful scenery and wonderful hosts. Thanks, Kevin and Cheryl for your great hospitality."


"Rhubarb pie, quiet confidence, impeccable character, opportunity for memories and beginnings of good times just scrape the surface of the way that Kevin and Cheryl run the Wheeler River Lodge. Quinn, you personify quiet confidence. Thank you for your genuine hospitality and care. All the scenery and beauty I knew I’d find in northern Saskatchewan. I waited for years to come back to Canada to bag a bear with my bow and had a very memorable hunt, capped off with a great walk through the northern woods to find my bear with two great sportsmen, Kevin and Quinn, to find out I had finally succeeded in bagging a bear. Loved fishing the Wheeler River waters and managed to land a 40”+ Northern and a Lake Trout. Cheryl was the most gracious of hostesses and I can’t be more pleased with my time at Wheeler River Lodge."


"Thanks again, Kevin and Cheryl. Every year creates new and exciting memories. I will never forget the experience Nate and I enjoyed together. You guys made his time here unforgettable. Thanks for the memories – AGAIN! Day #1 – Nate (age 11) caught 45” Northern Pike before noon! Day #3 – 3 bears (2 black and 1 cinnamon)."


"All was great. Kevin, Cheryl and Quinn were fantastic. We had a super time."


"Thanks for the great adventure; the fishing, the scenery, the stroll down the “Venice Canal”, the outstanding scenery, the shore lunches and the list goes on! We lucked out on a week of perfect weather. The accommodations were just like home. We hope someday to return to this paradise and renew friendships with Cheryl & Kevin."


"I would recommend Wheeler River Lodge to anyone who wants an ultimate fishing and hunting adventure of a lifetime. Accommodations are superb – very comfortable cabin with lots of amenities. Kevin, the outfitter, is one of, if not THE, greatest hosts going! Very gracious and friendly. Hope to return in the near future for another great stay."


"Once again, great fishing, great scenery and great hosts. Thanks for everything - wonderful time!"


"Nice cabin and beautiful scenery. Seening the wildlife was an added bonus. Hope to come back another time. Our hosts, Kevin & Cheryl, were incredibly nice and accommodating. Fishing was great and will have many memories and photos to share back home."


"Wheeler River Lodge – a small slice of heaven – great place to share with new friends and children!"


"What a trip! Good weather, exceptional fishing all day long and all in the luxury of home! This camp cannot be beat!"


"Great trip; great fishing and accommodations; good friends, cold beer. Life is great!"


"Had a great time and saw some beautiful country. Caught a lot of fish. Great camp & great people!"


"We loved it all – the north, the air, the water & the fishing."


"Thanks for the memories! For sharing this beautiful spot of God’s creation with us."


"The place – a place to return to for sure – beautiful, serene, tranquil and all that. But I think one of the best words would be,…”therapeutic” for everyone."


"We had a most memorable trip for all of us. Every place Quinn took us has its own personal memory for all 9 of us. While fishing, we got great sighting of bears, eagles, moose, hawk & beaver"


"Although I didn’t catch any world record fish, I had a wonderful time with my family! I learned less about fishing this year and more about myself. Number 1: I am a very blessed young man: the fact that I have the opportunity to be here with my Uncle M and his family is amazing. Number 2: Every moment is precious from going around with my Grandpa to catching that 40”+ Pike; it’s all important. Thank you to my Uncle M for his generosity and also to Kevin and Cheryl for keeping this place so well maintained and keeping us coming back. God Bless!"


"Celebrated my 50th birthday in this great place. If we have to get older, this is the place to do it! Our stay at the Wheeler was very comfortable and enjoyable. Can’t wait to get back here."


"The six of us caught more fish than we ever dreamed of. This was truly the trip of a lifetime. There are so many great memories of giant fish that we can’t do justice on paper. All of us hate to leave and are already planning on a return trip!"


"I’ve been to Canada many times over the last 30 years. This produced the most quality fish I’ve caught. I really had a good time."


"Thanks for the great experience and big Walleye and Pike."


"This trip was so unbelievable that I'm not going to attempt to document the sheer numbers and sizes of the fish we had caught this week. Consistent 200+ Walleyes yarded each day with the largest (28.5") coming out of Drift Lake. The largest fish of the trip was Kyle's 44" Northern Pike. Great hosts, great friends, great meals, the great outdoors!!"


"The big Pike kept eating our small Pike when were we trying to bring them to the boat. We were beginning to wonder if we were using too small bait. Caught the Pike in a feeding frenzy at Walleye Alley. Neat to see the big Pike chasing all the small fish. Caught one 40” Northern during the frenzy."


"As the first Australian to visit Wheeler River Lodge, I will be able to take many tales of excellent fishing, beautiful sights and great company down under. The highlight of Canada so far!"


"Great fishing, food & cabin. Weather couldn’t be better. Lots of good times. Many, many good memories."


"I have planned this trip for 2 years and travelled about 1130 miles, then 75 minutes on float plane. Had a great time."


"Nice trip. Nice hospitality. Good time with family. Thank you for the adventure."


"An amazing experience - absolutely loved catching the Pike, Lake Trout and Walleye. So much fun! Thank you to Kevin, Cheryl and Quinn. You are the best hosts ever. We had a fabulous time."


"Another wonderful holiday! Caught the biggest fish I've ever seen in my life - 45" pike. What a warm, cozy cabin to come back to on a cold, rainy day."


"30 Pike over 12 lbs; one over 24 lbs. Caught 12 Pike from 16 - 25 lbs in an hour; over 100 Walleye in three hours."


";It is very nice here. The fishing is very good. Caught lots of Northern Pike and Walleye. Caught four Lake Trout too!"


"Millions of little jacks. Forty pike from 15-27 lbs. Best pike fishing ever. Good walleye fishing."


"Although the fishing was a bit slower than years past, it was fun as always. The weather was unusual this year. First, it was cold, then hot, then cold again and finally it just got nice. We’ve noticed that the fish in Todd seem to get bigger every year. I personally caught a 36” and a 38” Pike in Todd and also several 6 lb Walleye. This place is amazing fun and we enjoy coming here. Good luck and God Bless."


"Another wonderful experience with Canada's finest guide/outfitter, Kevin Rowswell! This place is one of the best kept secrets in fly-fishing. Having fished some of the most remote destinations of the world, I would rate Wheeler River Lodge at the top of the list for both quality and quantity of fish. Truly a "life list" destination everyone who calls himself a fisherman should enjoy! Wow!"


"Very gracious hosts. Fishing was awesome. Thanks."


"The best and most Pike we've ever caught on the Wheeler. Opening day (and only a half at that) if someone's fly-fishing partner had hooked every fish he missed, we'd have caught over a hundred fish!! Cheryl, you're the best! Kevin, thank you for another great trip. You know what a great experience this is for all of us."


"My first fishing trip. Wow! Thanks for the fun. Beautiful place."


"My first fishing trip was a blast! Thanks for the hospitality!"


"Great camp - great fishing!"


"My second time was even better than the last. Love the hosts. Be here next year."


"WOW! What a great place - Wheeler River,....so remote, relaxing and beautiful. We had a great time on the Wheeler, Todd, Moore, Bay of Pigs, Scott and a few holes we named ourselves. Kevin & Cheryl are great hosts, very kind and genuine people. Quinn is a very nice guide. Great people here. We have many memories here. Thank you so much."


"Thanks for the wonderful memories!"